Dietitians in London

Are you looking for dietitians in London? Our Dottore London medical centre is for you. We put at your disposal specialists in the field of nutrition.

A dietician is a medical doctor who specializes in nutrition and treats both overweight people and those who had bad dietary habists.

We’ll briefly show you what a nutrition consultation is, what kind of services are provided by our medical centre, and how you can contact us.


Italian dietitians in London

Nutrition consultation

It is necessary to specify that a nutrition consultation can also help people who are not overweight. In fact, people who usually eat junk food or skip meals should need the advice of a dietitian. Healthy eating help all of us to live better lives, so it should be taken into consideration.

What is a nutrition consultation? First of all, the specialist wants the patient to undergo a blood test. Secondly, he or she analyzes the patient’s dietary habits (number of meals eaten per day, types of food usually eaten, and so on) in order to uncover if they are good or bad. Finally, the doctor measures the patient’s weight, height, and body mass index.

Once the dietitian has collected all the data needed to make a diagnosis, he or she personalizes patient’s diet plan. The patient’s duty is to keep to the diet for the time requested by the specialist.



Our italian dietitians in London are italian mother tongue and they can speak english at the best professional level.


Services provided

  • Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle consultations for adults,children,women during pregnancy
  • Dietary advice based on individual needs and habits
  • Dietetic management of disease (Obesity and overweight, Diabetes, Dyslipidaemia…)
  • Assessment of nutritional status and estimation of nutritional requirements
  • Anthropometric measurements (weight,height,BMI,waist circumference) and  bioelectrical impedance body fat
  • Testing
  • Follow up



  • First consultation: £110
  • First consultation + BIA*: £130
  • Follow up: £90 (30 mins)
  • Follow up + BIA*: £110 (30 mins)

*BIA = Bioelectrical impedance analysis



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