Paediatric Urologists in London

Are you looking for paediatric urologists in London? Our Dottore London medical centre is for you.

A pediatric urologist is a surgeon who deals with the diagnosis, management and treatment of problems (congenital or acquired) in the urogenital system of children.

The increase of attention in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these problems in childhood can avoid a series of complications in adulthood.

We will briefly explain what skills a pediatric urologist has, what are the services offered by our medical centre and how you can contact our pediatric urologists.


pediatric urologists in London

What skills does a Pediatric Urologist have?

It is very complicated, and we certainly cannot expect, that a child can tell us what is happening to him, tell us about any health problems and endure a medical examination.

This is when we need the specialization of a pediatrician urologist. Eeven in the total absence of collaboration, he is able to examine the child thanks to different tools he is able to manage.

The pediatric urologist knows the evolution of the urinary tract of children and he is able to identify the problems and the most suitable therapies to solve them.



Our italian pediatric urologists in London are italian mother tongue and they can speak english at the best professional level.


Services provided

  • Urology consultation £250
  • Follow-up consultation £200



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