Antenatal Class in London

Are you a mother-to-be in London or in the UK? The advice is to sign up for a antenatal class!

Expecting a child is a very important moment, but also a very challenging one. You can be happy, curious, doubtful, worried and sometimes even confused.

The class is a very important ally during the pregnancy and can help you face the birth of the baby with the right awareness. Being supported in this process and knowing what will happen in the delivery room is a very useful tool, both for you and for your partner.

Thanks to the antenatal class you can arrive safer and more relaxed to one of the most important days of your life. And you will also know what to do and how to behave in the first months of the baby’s life.


antenatal class

Antenatal class: how does it work?

The antenatal class includes meetings with 4 specialists who deal with both theoretical parts and practical exercises. Please find here the program:



Francesca Onori

Tips for a correct diet during pregnancy and postpartum



Katia Ciccarella

  1. The third and fourth trimesters of pregnancy, preparation and latent stage of labour
  2. Labour and delivery
  3. Infant feeding
  4. The first few weeks with your newborn baby and the support network.



Elisa Gatti

Emotions before and after childbirth (maternity blues, post partum depression and puerperal psychosis)



Katy Vecchiato

When to call a paediatrician, and everything else you’ll need to know.


Q&A: all the questions about the Antenatal Class

Please find here some questions and answers that we are usually asked and that will help you understand everything about the antenatal class.


What is an antenatal class?

An antenatal class is a path that gives information and support to pregnant women and their partners and that will lead them to become great parents.

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, maternity and baby care are some of the topics covered during the meetings together with several experts specialised in different areas.

You will have answers to very practical questions and precise indications on all the phases.


Who participates to the antenatal class?

Clearly the partecipation of the future mother is necessary. But our lessons are also open to future fathers who will have indications on their role and tasks during the process.


When to take an antenatal class?

The antenatal class usually takes place from week 28 of pregnancy.


What do you do during an antenatal class?

Various issues are addressed during the class. The class covers the last months of gestation, the birth of the child and the months following the childbirth.

During the class we analyse the various possibilities of childbirth, what will happen during the birth, the methods for pain control, how to take care of the newborn (sleep, diaper, breastfeeding,…), how to manage a very new family situation,…

In short, everything that has to do with the childbirth and the next few months.


Is the antenatal class useful?

It is very useful! Thanks to the antenatal class you will have all the information to face one of the most important phases of your life.

The parents who participate to the class are the ones who are better off at the time of birth and in the following months because they know what to expect and they are therefore prepared.

The class also allows you to get to know other mothers and fathers in the same situation. This is a great psychological support before and after giving birth.


Antenatal class: online or in person?

Dottore London gives you the possibility to take the antenatal class both online and in person.


Is the antenatal class compulsory?

No. The antenatal class is not compulsory but it is highly recommended for all future mothers and fathers.


How to dress for the antenatal class?

The indication is to dress in comfortable clothing. A jumpsuit or maternity trousers are fine.


How much is the antenatal class?

Please find here the costs:

  • £80 per session (in person)*
  • £60 per session (online)*

*minimum number of participants required per session: 3