Endocrinologists in London

Are you looking for endocrinologists in London? Our Dottore London medical centre is for you.

An endocrinologist is a medical doctor that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the endocrine system.

We’ll briefly show you what an endocrinology consultation is, what kind of services are provided by our medical centre, and how you can contact us to book an appointment.




Endocrinology consultation: what is it?

An endocrinology consultation aims at identify any mulfunction of the endocrine glands which are responsible for the production of hormones.

What is an endocrinology consultation? It is a medical examination in which the doctor begins measuring the height and weight of the patient. Then, the endocrinologist measures patient’s blood pressure and heart beats. Finally, he will palpate the patient’s thyroid, if he believes that the malfunction of this gland is causing dysfunctions of some kind.

An endocrinologist may also perform instrumental tests such as ultrasound or want the patient to do blood test. Those tests can provide to the doctor a picture of the patient’s state of health.



Our italian endocrinologists in London are italian mother tongue and they can speak english at the best professional level.


Services provided

  • Assessment and treatment of al most common endocrine disorders
  • Assessment and treatment of diabetes
  • Assessment and treatment of obesity
  • Assessment and treatment of thyroid disorders
  • Fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) of thyroid nodules



  • Consultation: £200
  • Consultation + Thyroid scan: £280



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