Dr. Giovanni Chiriacò is an Italian Urologist-Andrologist.


Work experience in Italy

Dr. Chiriacò’s medical journey began with a distinguished qualification in medicine and surgery from the University of Trieste in 2011. After completing his specialty training in Urology at the University of Trieste, he pursued further specialization with a Master’s in Andrological Surgery.


Work experience in UK

His passion for andrology led him to the UK in 2017, where he has served as a Clinical Fellow at renowned institutions such as University College London Hospital (UCLH) and Royal Free Hospital, significantly broadening his surgical and clinical skills. In 2019, he was recognized as a Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine, affirming his contributions and expertise in sexual medicine.



Dr. Chiriacò specializes in a comprehensive range of urological and andrological services, focusing on erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, Peyronie’s disease, male infertility, and general urology. His dedication to the field is demonstrated through his active participation in research, with numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international conferences aimed at advancing andrology and sexual medicine.



Italian and English.


In summary:

As a Urologist-Andrologist practicing in London, Dr. Giovanni Chiriacò offers his patients a
comprehensive background in andrology and urology.