Dr. Barbara Faissola is a Consultant Radiologist.


Work experience in Italy

Dr. Barbara Faissola graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Turin in 1990 and specialised in Radiology at the same university in 1994. She worked as a Consultant Radiologist at the Radiology Department of Molinette Hospital in Turin from 1994 to 2001. She then worked at the Breast Radiology Unit of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan from 2001 to 2002.


Work experience in UK

Since 2003, Dr. Faissola has been working as a Consultant Radiologist at the Breast Radiology Unit of Imperial College NHS Trust and at the Breast Screening Unit of St Bartholomew’s Hospital and Royal London Hospital. She plays a significant role in the double-reading and assessment of screen-detected lesions and is involved in all activities of the Symptomatic Breast Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital. With a career enriched by publications and teaching roles, she is recognized for her expertise in diagnostic and interventional breast procedures.



Dr. Faissola specialises in Breast Radiology, with particular expertise in digital and analog mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, and interventional procedures such as biopsies (FNAC, core-biopsy, VAB) and pre-surgical localisation of non-palpable lesions.



Italian, English.





In summary:

Dr. Barbara Faissola is an Italian radiologist in London.