Dr. Annamaria Deganello is a Consultant in Radiology


Work experience in Italy

Dr. Annamaria Deganello graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Padova in 2004. She completed her training in Radiology in Padova in 2009.


Work experience in UK

Since 2013, Dr. Deganello has been working as a Radiologist at the Department of Radiology at King’s College Hospital in London. Additionally, she is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s Col-lege London.
Dr. Deganello has extensive international experience. With over 50 publications and book chapters, she is a reviewer for numerous scientific journals and a member of important com-mittees and scientific associations. She has been an invited lecturer at over 60 national and in-ternational conferences, sharing her expertise in ultrasound and pediatric radiology.



Dr. Deganello is specialised in Pediatric Radiology, with a particular interest in the imaging of adult and pediatric hepatobiliary diseases and liver transplantation, Contrast Enhanced Ultra-sound, imaging of trauma, and ultrasound-guided procedures.



Italian, English, Spanish.



Dr. Annamaria Deganello is an Italian radiologist in London.