Dr Alessio Platania, GP & Sexologist, works at the Archway Sexual Health Centre.


Work experience in Italy

Dr Platania (he/him) graduated cum laude at the University of the Study of Catania and, in 2016 completed GP training.
During the training they embraced a holistic view of medicine, which involves the bio-psycho-social model and focus on a patient centred care specific to the individual.
In 2017 also became a Psychosexual Counsellor at the Instituto di Ricerca e Formazione in Florence, Italy, and is currently a fellow of the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology.
They worked as GP over several practices and OOH centres in Catania, volunteered with the Italian Red Cross providing medical assistance to immigrants and participating in sexual education programs in secondary schools.


Work experience in UK

Moved to the UK in 2017 and initially worked as salaried GP at the James Street Family Practice in Louth. From 2020 has been working in London in several positions. Is one of the Lead GP for Livi and works as locum GP for several practices and at the Urgent Care Centre of Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital. Lastly is working as Specialty Dr in Sexual Health at the Archway Centre in London.
As a sexologist and sex educator he aims to improve the quality of life of people, recognising how a healthy sexuality is a human right. Their holistic approach integrated medical and psychotherapeutic models with Tantra spiritual traditions and the newest inclusive approaches to non-conventional relationships, kinks and neurodiversity.
He is a member of the International Society for Sexual Medicine and   the European Federation of Sexology, regularly participates to international conferences focusing on promotion of physical, mental and sexual wellbeing. Has authored several scientific papers on international journals about sexology, gynaecology and nutrition.



Dr Platania is an expert in the treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, arousal and orgasm problems, desire disorders, support for unconventional relationship styles (open relationships, polyamory, kinks, BDSM, LGBTQIA+, etc) and sexuality on the autistic spectrum.



Italian (native), English (C2).



Dr Alessio Platania is an Italian GP and Psychosexual Counsellor based in London.