About Us

Dottore London

Dottore London began as the first Italian gynaecological and paediatric clinic in London. Today it is an Italian clinic that offers consultations with gynaecologists, paediatricians, dermatologists, orthopedists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, ENT specialists, speech therapists, dietitians and psychotherapists.

Dottore London has become the source of private healthcare for many Italians (and non- Italians) living in London.

Our customers can enjoy Italian and English-speaking doctors who deliver private consultations, of the highest medical standard.

Appointments at our clinic are also available over the weekend for your convenience.

Our italian doctors meet the highest accreditation standards in order to be a representative of Dottore London. Their years of in-depth experience gained both in the UK and Italy give them the unique advantage of traversing and overcoming any cultural barriers.

Dottore London covers general checks in addition to offering specific medical tests and ultrasound scans.

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