Pediatricians & Neonatologists

Our italian pediatricians at Dottore London are experts in both Neonatology (0-28 days) and Pediatrics, and provide an exceptional service in both fields.

We also offer appointments over the weekend and we can arrange for house calls at your convenience.

Services provided:

  • Preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic consultations
  • Drugs prescription
  • Request for consultations with a specialist, clinical analysis and diagnostic testing
  • Revision of a pediatric health card
  • Therapeutic and diagnostic services (e.g. Medical treatments, Oropharyngeal swab, Ear swab, ecc)
  • House call consultations


  • Consultation: £ 140
  • Home consultation: £190 zone 1/2, £200 zone 3. After 8pm, Saturday after 12pm and Sunday £250 zone 1/2, £260 zone 3.

Our Doctors: